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Service Type Functions Storage Service
Tank Storage Ambient Temperature Tank S.S. Tank (SS 316L)
S.S. Tank (SS 304)
C.S. Tank(Q235-A)
(Cone Roof、Linded Carbon Steel)
Heating Tank   S.S. Tank (SS 316L)
S.S. Tank (SS 304)
C.S. Tank(Q235-A)
Cooling Tank C.S. Tank(Q235-A)
Warehouse Storage Flat Warehouse
Stereoscopic Warehouse
Gas Warehouse-Closed type
Gas Warehouse-Open type

Service Type Service Item
Loading & Unloading- 
Bulk Cargo
Vessel to Tank
Tank to Vessel
Tank to Truck
Truck to Tank
Truck to Tank
Tank to Tank
Low Level Operation
Vessel to Vessel
Loading & Unloading-Package Cargo Cargo Loading/ Unloading 
Cargo Picking
Breakbulk Packing Service  from Tank to Barrel or IBC
Drumming from Truck/ISO-TANK to Barrel or IBC
Goods Gathering

Service Type Service Item
Bulk value-added services Pad - StorageTank
Product Heating
Product Chilling
Sampling from Tank
Sampling from Truck
Nitrogen purging - Truck Loading
Tank Cleaning
Product Recirculation
Prewash Mixture Disposal
Packaged value-added services Label Printing
Label Clearing
Printing Printing
Bung Testing/Tightening
Photo Taking
Special Inspection
Cargo Weighing
Container Cargo Fastening
 Container Sealing
Pallet Strengthening
Leak Handling of Leakage
Waste Disposal
Drum Heating
ISO-TANK Heating\Cooling
File Handling
VPN Services

Service Type Transport Mode Service Item
Transport Agency Land Transport Tank Truck Transport
Van Truck Transport
Sea Transport Chemical Tanker Transport
Container Vessel transport
Railway Transport ISO-TANK Transport
Container Transport
Terminal Service Agency Jetty Operation Service
Shipping Operation Charges
Jetty Charge Reimbursed
Purchase Agency Drum Purchasing or Leasing
Material Purchasing
IBC Purchasing or Leasing

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