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To improve the standards of petrochemical logistics service of China,to create more value for our customers.
Customer Focus, Responsible Care, Sustainability, Integrity,Teamwork.
To be aleading petrochemical storage & logistic service provider in China.
EHSQ commitment
2) Employess' health,safety,and security as basis;
3) Environmental protection and social responsibility as one's duty;
4) Involvement of all personels & sustaining improvement;
5) To provide customers with safe, green and efficient Petrochemical storage and logistics services;
Responsible Care
1)Enhance awareness of technology and technological process in EHS and consciously take action to prevent harm caused to human being and environment in operation;
2)Exhaustive usage of energy to the fullest to minimize waste generation;
3)Work together in achieving understanding of staffs’concerns and expectation by listening and encouragement;
4)Give reasonable advice to help employees improve In daily operation;
5)Strictly adhere to relevant rules and standards of EHS&Q in operating facilities;
6)Reveal our performance of EHS&Q;
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